Summery the fault in our stars

Hazel leaves him with a drawing of the large virgin circle, and the circle of year-old boys with one leg outside that big circle.

When Augustus finally calls, they discuss An Imperial Affliction, and Augustus nonchalantly says that he has contacted Van Houten through his assistant, Lidewij Vliegenthart.

The Fault in Our Stars Summary

The next day, Hazel and Gus go to meet Van Houten. A while later, she pretends to be too tired to continue shopping.

The Fault in Our Stars Summary & Study Guide

As they have their picnic, Gus tells her that he spoke to the Genies and convinced them to grant him the wish of taking Hazel to Amsterdam.

Hazel wakes up in the middle of the night having trouble breathing as fluids fill her lungs. Hazel, equally angry, refuses to stop pressing Van Houten for answers. He explains that Augustus stayed in contact with him, and that he demanded Van Houten make up for ruining their trip.

Cite This Page Choose citation style: Critics mostly praised the book for its humor, strong characters, language, themes and new perspective on cancer and romance. She tells that the novel is about a young girl with cancer.

The Fault in Our Stars Summary

Chapter 1 Hazel Grace Lancaster is a seventeen-year-old living with cancer. A funeral is held for Gus. His reply saddens Hazel, as she thinks she will never be able to make it to Amsterdam where Van Houten lives.

While Gus recklessly drives to his house, he asks Hazel about her cancer story. His funeral happens a few days later in the same church where the support group is held. Afterward, when Augustus falls asleep, Hazel goes back to her room.

The novel ends in the middle of a sentence, which means she either died or became too sick to continue telling the story.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green - review

She realizes it is Van Houten sitting behind her. At the request of her mother, who believes she is depressed, Hazel attends a cancer support group in the basement of a church.

The final words of the novel come from Hazel, who says she does. Since there are no elevators, Hazel must walk up all the stairs and climb the ladder, which puts a strain on her breathing.

Gus is disappointed that she used her wish on a cliche. As such, they have no lives outside his novel. He is consoling Isaac who was recently dumped by his girlfriend, Monica.As The Fault in Our Stars begins, sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster reflects that her parents and doctors have declared her depressed and signed her up for a weekly Support Group.

She thinks.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green – review

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The Fault in Our Stars Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Fault in Our Stars is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The Fault In Our Stars is about a teenage girl named Hazel who had thyroid cancer when she was At 16, she now suffers from fluid build up in her lungs and is forced to use an oxygen tank to breathe.

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The Fault in Our Stars Summary & Study Guide

Here's the whole sordid tale. Dying girl meets hot boy. Hot boy and dying girl fall in teenage love and go on adventures to Amsterdam together. Dying girl is disappointed by her meeting with a certain author whom she idolizes. Dying girl and hot boy admit their love to each.

The Fault In Our Stars is a fabulous book about a young teenage girl who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and attends a cancer support group. Hazel is 16 and is reluctant to go to the support.

Summery the fault in our stars
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