Nike political analysis

Nike Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

Here are some of the Technological factors affecting it: Investors and consumers should continue to work both individually and collectively to demand transparency, accountability, and integrity in the private sector. This ultimately means that consumers are shopping around for a better deal.

Even if it means sacrificing everything. But because of the lack of disclosure, it is impossible to say for sure whether companies are completely constructive or obstructionist. Preseason ratings are down yet again. The increased sustainability in the strategies of firms gives a different dimension providing the threat as well as the opportunity for Nike.

E is for Economic Nike sells a well-respected medium range product, so they are less vulnerable to economic factors than others, but nevertheless here are some of the Economic variables: The index of economic freedom is a good example.

Louis, Missouri Or, you may contact us on the web at http: That it happened to be correct is all the better. For example, there are major differences in Democratic and Republican policies in the US. It does not tie up cash in buildings and manufacturing workers.

This makes a very lean organization. The company can significantly expand its network of retail stores in the United States as part of its push towards greater market share and more consumer segments.

Companies should disclose more information on how they influence the conversation on climate change and other issues of public interest. Retailers tend to offer a very similar experience to the consumer. Rising mobile purchases opportunity Technology transfers to coffee farmers opportunity Rising availability of specialty coffee machines for home use threat Starbucks has the opportunity to improve its mobile apps and linked services to gain more revenues through mobile purchases.

This is just another day at the office for that mess known as the NFL, once so embraced by the public and today held in disdain. This could lead to riots, looting and general disorder in the environment. The increasing sustainability strategies of firms threaten Nike by imposing more pressure for increased sustainability efforts throughout the industry.

It primarily includes the marketing information systems MIS to innovate its business operations. Rapid technological obsolescence also threatens Nike by putting pressure on the company to increase its product development efforts.

For example, an aggressive takeover could overthrow a government. It is recommended that Nike must pursue a more aggressive approach to international expansion based on free trade policies, with focus on high-growth developing countries.

People are actively participating in fitness clubs and sport competitions. Regional integration of markets opportunity Improving governmental support for infrastructure opportunity Bureaucratic red tape in developing countries threat Regional integration is a current trend and external factor that presents an opportunity for Starbucks to globally expand.

Economic Factors Important to Nike Inc. Such consumer price sensitivity is a potential external threat to Nike. Also, most governments around the world are improving infrastructure, which creates the opportunity for Starbucks to access more markets or suppliers.

Congress should investigate ways to require more disclosure of corporations' political activities. It ranks countries based on how politics impacts business decisions there. In fact, the issue of Nike sweatshops is so prominent that it has warranted an entire Wikipedia article on the topic [2].

Nike and Corporate Political Correctness

Business sustainability trend opportunity Growing popular support for responsible sourcing opportunity Growing popular support for environmentally friendly products opportunity The business sustainability trend focuses on business processes that ensure minimal environmental impact. Other several political rules could be import export laws that may affect a multinational business to distribute its products globally.

Besides this some regulated bodies also impose rules related to the business operation like child labor and employment laws.

International Marketing and Culture

In relation, the company has opportunities to integrate mobile technologies in its products to capture consumers who frequently use mobile technologies, such as mobile apps and online tools.

Sports industry demands very latest technology and quality products. Further, the increase in the prices of dairy products impacts the company adversely leading to another threat to its profitability.Comprehensive comment and analysis on today's apparel and textile industry written exclusively for Sputnik is a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries.

PESTLE Analysis of GUCCI

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Between anda widespread deep loathing of George W. Bush now known as Bush Derangement Syndrome grew to such a fever pitch that it threatened to tear the country apart.

Political analysts — at least those who weren’t BDS sufferers themselves — were astonished to observe what seemed to be an unprecedented level of not just political vitriol but personal hatred directed at Bush.


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This post is a follow-up with a list of. Gucci is known to be the one of the top clothing, shoes and accessories brand. The founder of this brand is Guccio Gucci who founded his first shop in in Florence.

The political factors affecting business are often given a lot of importance. Several aspects of government policy can affect business.

Some Questions to Ask During a SWOT Analysis

Example: How political factors affect Nike. Tags: business analysis economic analysis political analysis politics regulations. Related Articles.

Nike political analysis
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