Good questions to ask someone when writing a biography graphic organizer

Introducing the Genre Step 1: Begin with an introduction e. Ask them some of the questions below and some of your own. Provide parents with updates on how their students are using the computer and what their writing goals are.

Did students seem to be interested in the person they chose? Meet with each pair of students and discuss the assessment, providing feedback and completing the Teacher section of the rubric.

A Writing With Writers Activity that you will use with your students during this lesson. Use appropriate eye contact e.

Introducting the Biography Genre

Remind them to sit facing one another and to provide their partners with good eye contact and verbal and nonverbal responses.

Model what kind of questions a student might ask for each section of the planner. Did your friends ever get you in trouble when you were younger? Ask them to describe your classroom community. Guide students to see how the first person point of view in an autobiography helps readers understand how the narrator feels about events.

Students who are ready to go beyond the standards may do one of the following activities: Is there something you wish you could do over again? Lead students to discover that biographies are written in third person. I always like to have as many eyes and ears available as possible whenever students are doing independent web research.

These resources can be used to help students develop an understanding of the difference: Explain that you want to make sure that your classroom community works well during the rest of the school year and that a good way to make sure this happens is for everyone to get to know each other, including others' backgrounds, languages, interests, similarities, and differences.

Biography Project: Research and Class Presentation

Create Bio-Cubes for themselves, family members, or other people they are interested in. Write Your Own Biography in about two days. Were students able to write, revise, and edit using the word processor or would paper and pencil work better for first drafts?

You may want to collect the completed graphic organizers to review and make suggestions before returning to the students. Have the student sit facing you.

Write Your Own Biography in about two days. Did students seem to be interested in the person they chose? You will have to talk to the person directly to see how much info you can quickly find out.

Remind students that they will be using the Bio-Cubes to introduce each other to the class. Work in a small group to identify the elements of a biography in one of the books from the Materials list or another biography from the classroom library.

Writing a Biographical Sketch Step 1:Research a famous person and write a biography about that person, using the Biography/Autobiography Graphic Organizer to gather and organize the information.

Write an autobiography, using the Biography/Autobiography Graphic Organizer to collect and organize the information. Ask students to imagine that they are biographers.

Ask them what kind of work they might have to do before writing a biography. Students may include ideas such as researching a person’s life, going to the library, and interviewing the people who know or knew that person.


5. In this literature and writing graphic organizer activity, students choose a famous person to research. They fill in important facts that are described in the graphic organizer which start with the birth and childhood to the adulthood of.

Make a class set of the Research Notebook from the Biography Writing With Patricia and Frederick McKissack activity or another graphic organizer for students to use to record research questions and sources.

Make a class set of the Biography Book Report Graphic Organizer printable. Throughout these lessons and graphic organizers, the subject in the biography is referred to as the character. Lesson 1 Begin by helping students understand that there is a different between expository nonfiction and narrative nonfiction.

Biographies fall under the category of narrative nonfiction and tell a. Time for Kids – Biography organizer.

Good questions to ask someone when writing a biography graphic organizer
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