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Very rare that people take time to compliment a company but if its a complaint, no hesitation to call immediately, start yelling and complaining. Two weeks after the call, I still had not yet received my refund in the mail, nor had a credit been issued on my credit card.

Broadstripe Contact Customer Service Phone Number

They were supposed to send me a box to return the DVR but it never arrived. We just moved back to the neighborhood. Aereo Cable companies are required by the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Broadstripe customer service Act to negotiate for retransmission consentusually paying broadcasters for the right to carry their signals.

Also, Broadstripe has apparently just completed a big repair which should improve Central District service. This data is calculated from FCC datasets which providers are legally required to supply twice a year.

I swear to you, part of the rason I moved to Sno County was to escape the death clutch Broadstripe had me in. What is up with Broadstripe? I have issues here and there but not definitely not something to die or cry over.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. Imagine how completely ecstatic I was. I was told by the agent that when I cancelled my service, somebody had neglected to cancel the automatic billing. Not that I expected anything different, but I basically heard the same policy mantra that the previous agent had so kindly provided me.

How to Pay the Bill Broadstripe provides several options for customers wanting to pay their bill. He said my cable had been left on and it wasnt my fault.

I just wish there were another option. Just ten business days to return to me what is rightfully mine. The man was rude and pounding on my door and informed me in a flippent way that he works everyday.

I proceeded to tell the service agent how incredibly helpful she was, and scuttled along my merry way. Depending on your needs it may be worth contacting some of the providers that specialize in residential service to see if they have unlisted business plans. Mistakes happen, so I kindly asked the agent to remedy the situation.

Some Valuable Contacts of Broadstripe Michigan The Telecommunications corporation has offered all the valuable contacts, so that, the clients of the region can get all the vital information about the telecommunication corporation and besides to this these contacts as well provide the info about services, offers providing the corporation.Get to know Broadstripe LLC CEO & other corporate executives.

Learn about the Board of Directors, Executive Committees and CEO compensation in this industry. Below is a list of companies meeting your selection criteria with instructions to Get 2 a Human using their customer service #. **Click on a company name to rate their phone customer support system.

For the past 13 months, Broadstripe has been pitching a $99 per month triple play of Internet, unlimited phone service and digital basic, comprising channels. Nov 11,  · Broadstripe LLC is a cable company that provides entertainment and communication products to residential and business customers in Anne Arundel County.


Broadstripe Contact Phone Number Customer Service

Dec 03,  · But I am looking for a no contract tv service without an internet connection. But also most importantly, my wife’s needs,are HGTV, Hallmark mysteries and movies, all of the networks channels, usa, lifetime, ion, and for my kids, Disney and nick.

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Broadstripe's customer service is absolutely awful. As far as their cable service goes, it is even worse. When you sign up for a basic HD package, they don't give you a cable box with hdmi capable output, just one with composite output.2/5(9).

Broadstripe customer service
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