Battle of kings mountain

It would be hard to envisage a more savage encounter. Eventually, the fighting at Kings Mountain stopped.

The turn of the tide of success

A large number of American militia groups gathered under Colonel William Campbell and began searching for Ferguson and his 1, Loyalists. Ferguson built for himself an unenviable reputation for ferocity against the rebels.

It was a little army and a little battle, but it was of mighty portent. Ferguson's corpse was later reported to have been desecrated and wrapped in oxhide before burial.

Ferguson paroled a captured rebel and sent him with a message, "that if they did not desist from their opposition to the British arms, and take protection under his standard, he would march his army over the mountains, hang their leaders, and lay their country waste with fire and sword.

With this newly organized army, Ferguson terrorized large areas of South Carolina and north Georgia. The noose was quickly closing in.

Battle of Kings Mountain

Later, as the Patriot army began to separate into its regional units, thirty-six Tory prisoners were court-martialed for various acts of alleged lawlessness and, after a day-long trial, sentenced to death.

That the battle was not Americans against the British, but Americans against Americans? He did not prepare defensive positions, but concentrated his men at either end. At first Ferguson was successful in dispersing the numerous but uncoordinated rebel militia bands east of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The slopes of the mountain would hinder the advance of the attackers. Inrecognizing stalemate but calling on British command of the seas, Clinton had dispatched three thousand troops to invade Georgia.

Once the charge was spent and the Tories returned to their positions, the Patriots would reform in the woods, return to the base of the hill, and charge up the hill again.

Battle of King’s Mountain

They left the three hundred remaining prisoners in charge of Colonel Cleveland. Ferguson had stayed at Gilbert Town hoping to intercept another Patriot force, heading northward. The dead were buried in shallow graves and wounded were left on the field to die.

When the Patriots recovered his corpse, they counted seven bullet wounds.

The Battle of King's Mountain

They hurried to catch him. Participants for years remembered pandemonium: He was the only regular British soldier in the command, [32] composed entirely of Loyalist Carolina militia, except for the or so red-uniformed Provincials enlisted colonials [33] from New York.

From this junction the line was to run due west to the mountains and there connect with the boundary of the Cherokee Nation. The two men agreed that the best solution was to "march with all the men we could raise, and attempt to surprise Ferguson, by attacking him in his camp, or at any rate before he was prepared An additional 30 Georgians, under the command of William Candler, joined the Patriot force at Gilberts Town, making for a combined strength of approximately 1, men.

When the Loyalists made bayonet counterattacks, the Americans withdrew in the rugged terrain, then returned to the attack. After an all-night forced march in pouring rains, at three o'clock the afternoon of the following day, on the 7th of October, the men circled the mountain and charged.

They moved into their respective positions and began moving toward the summit.

Battle of King’s Mountain

Some were testified against by Patriots who had previously fought alongside them and later changed sides. Many Patriots remembered that the infamous Colonel Tarleton had mowed down Patriot troops at Waxhaw despite the fact that the troops were trying to surrender.

See Article History This contribution has not yet been formally edited by Britannica.Shaped like a footprint, Kings Mountain's highest point was at the "heel" in the southwest and it broadened and flattened towards the toes in the northeast.

Approaching, Campbell's colonels met to discuss strategy. Rather than simply defeat Ferguson, they sought to destroy his command.

Battle of Kings Mountain

The clash at King's Mountain between Patriots and Tories began Britain's long descent to Yorktown. The battle of Kings Mountain, fought October 7th,was an important American victory during the Revolutionary War.

The battle was the first major patriot victory to occur after the British invasion of Charleston, SC in May Account of the Battle of King’s Mountain.

In SeptemberMajor-General Lord Cornwallis, after beating Major-General Gates and the American Revolutionary army at the Battle of Camden in South Carolina, advanced north with the intention of invading North Carolina and Virginia.

The Battle of Kings Mountain. By Mel S. Hankla. Reprinted by Permission from the SAR Magazine, Fall Many historians consider the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, to be the turning point in America's War for Independence. During the American Revolution, Patriot irregulars under Colonel William Campbell defeat Tories under Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King’s Mountain in South Carolina.

Battle of kings mountain
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